just a scout

2016-09-23 04:46:37 by spyderbrd

So after all the time I spent trying to contribute by submission i learned, maybe i should just become a newgrounds user and not try to make content. But rather I should just rate content and take part in reviewing content and community discussions in the forum.  Good luck to all Newgrounders.

Back to music!

2009-01-09 04:25:55 by spyderbrd

I'm back on Newgrounds and im making music!!!! im going to be uploading all of the songs i make whether they suck or not! the past two have been pretty good....

everyone have fun with my new music and i hope you like them. if you like them ill make more.

Back to music!

My Flash Hand Is Fail!

2008-12-04 19:56:14 by spyderbrd

Ive been making AMVs and such instead of Flash animations and my usual Fail "music".
main reason why?

/* */
this was the coolest thing ive seen today!!!

hmmmm it does seem that....

2008-07-29 15:06:57 by spyderbrd

it seems that there are many more sprite flashes lingering than sticks....so im gonna give sprite a shot and add a little bit of music/sound but i cant do voices till i get a mic!zombieslayer and i will be making numerous flashes togeather with hope that they will not get blammed and hopefully me and my friend whos name i cannot remember can make a collab!

im doing so poorly with flash right now that my first 2 submitted flashes to newgrounds were deleted!damn....i spent 3 hours on this funny ass stick thingy just for it to be blammed!!??ohh well i have destroyed many others work as well so....i guess its fair.i bet if i could download the entire newgrounds site it would be over 100Gb!thats harsh!and pretty unfreakinbelivable!but yeah....ill probably be updating this thing more often now that I HAVE NO LIFE!!!!!!